Moveltraxx Keeps the Excitement Of Classic Underground Dance Music Alive

You may have seen our record label profile on Bromance Records a little ways back, but we’re excited to introduce you to another label we have profound respect for, the underground label known as Moveltraxx. Founded in 2007 by Big Dope P & some friends, it originally begun as a vinyl only record label, but quickly grew into something much more, based off the idea of “mixing the energy of the hip scenes were we came from & what we loved about dance music.”","url":"","resolvedBy":"soundcloud","floatDir":null,"authorName":"BIG DOPE P","version":1,"title":"Mr. Mozaphanka & Big Dope P feat. Fannypack – Pop Dat Thing [Moveltraxx, 2007] by BIG DOPE P","resolved":true,"type":"rich","providerName":"SoundCloud","description":"Back in 2007… First Moveltraxx release… Vinyl Only !","providerUrl":""}” data-block-type=”22″>

While Moveltraxx began as a way for Big Dope and co to showcase their eclectic style in the Paris scene, they quickly began to venture into other styles and collectives, releasing “music from ghetto house OGs like Waxmaster, Traxman & juke footwork artists likeRashad.” Over time, they found that many artists outside of their local network were playing their tracks and even making remixes, with names like “Todd Terry, Yolanda Be Cool, Sinjin Hawke, Canblaster, Fred Falke, Feadz, Maya Jane Coles, Sliink, Kaytranada, MikeQ,” and more helping grow the Moveltraxx name.","url":"","resolvedBy":"soundcloud","floatDir":"left","authorName":"Mixmag","version":1,"title":"Download: Feadz & Big Dope P ‘BankRoll’ feat DMP by Mixmag","resolved":true,"type":"rich","providerName":"SoundCloud","description":"Moveltraxx\u2019s \u2018Street Bangers Factory\u2019 series gives you exactly what it says really. \n\nMikeQ, DJ Earl and Divoli S\u2019vere were all involved with the first edition, contributing to a six-track EP demonstrating frantic footwork and bonkers bass cannons. \n","providerUrl":""}” data-block-type=”22″>

Today, the label doesn’t officially hold a roster or have any signed artists, instead they like to consider Moveltraxx a “free platform,” but they do have regulars on the site like Teklife, DJ Tameil, Ezekiel, Mighty Mark & TT The Artist, Dudley Slang…

In terms of major milestones for the label, you ask? Da Movelt Posse, their compilation release, placed “ghetto music & more established house/electronic genres” together and put artists as varied as Rashad and Canblaster onto the same project. Another massive release for the label “was when Dope P dropped Southside Anthem in 2009;” it was a big track for the label that became even more when Kaytranada remixed it again in 2013. Along with that, Ezekiel’s “Gurr Swagg” too, & several other ones, including “Bankroll” were massive hits.</center>","resolvedBy":"manual","resolved":true}” data-block-type=”22″>

Even more than this, the French label can be considered one of the biggest in prioritizing juke and footwork across the Atlantic in recent times, and they reminisced to us about the difficulty they had in bringing it into the European club scene way back when. While it may seem like a no brainer in 2016, it was much harder starting back then-

When I look back, I remember how hard it was to bring genres like footwork or jersey club here. Many industry cats didn’t like the fact it wasn’t 130bpm 4×4… you have no idea how many headliners/big names who are on ghetto club music/footwork/ghetto house d*ck today used to tell us that kind of music was garbage and we should stick to 4×4… the same guys wereasking for promos of records we released 6/7 years ago and were giving bad feedback on it… i swear some screenshots could be MEME material… 

The transition of Dope P moving away from France brought on another accidental blessing, the birth of Street Bangers Factory, one of their most successful series of releases thus far. The first compilation, as seen on the righthand side, featured the likes of DJ Earl, Feadz, TT The Artist, MikeQ, Big Dope P, Dudley Slang, Ratchett Traxxx, artists that are varied in musical style, but not talent. They are currently working on their fourth Street Bangers Factory, with the promise of “a big surprise.” As with anything they’ve dropped, it’s inherently clear that they’re are “going to continue to pushing the music we love actually.”


Finally, the label wants it to be known that they’ve never fit into a mold, and will continue to pursue only their passions, not the trend. While some of their core artists like Dudley Slang are working in areas beyond their original dreams (he’s currently doing major things in fashion with Balmain, Kanye West, Alicia Keys & making Greta Grafity exhibitions), there is a core sense of family in their eclectic record label business, and their roots all seem to come carefully back to this underground project.


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